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Sultan's Pride
The Hounds of Zeus MC, Book 8
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Tegan Rowe is a lion shifter with a secret. When she finds out her ex has a secret of his own, she flees town to escape the one of the biggest mafia dons on the East Coast. She’s not fast enough.


After trusting the wrong man, Tegan finds herself running from a life she’d only seen on the news. Fleeing, Tegan is almost to her safe place when she wrecks in the middle of nowhere. Hiding out in a cabin is her only course of action. When someone breaks down the door, she prays it’s the owner. It’s not. Taken to the mafia compound, Tegan knows her life is forfeit. No one knows where she is. But she has a reason to fight. A reason to not become another statistic.


Jackson "Sultan" Lynch is a Gryphon shifter. As sergeant-at-arms for his MC, his life is full of family, yet something is missing. When someone breaks into his cabin in the woods, Sultan goes to investigate and finds more than he ever bargained for. Knowing next to nothing about the female who broke in then disappeared, Sultan and his beast are intrigued and want to make Tegan theirs. He just has to find her first. When he does, convincing her that he’s nothing like her ex isn’t a hardship since the man was a loser. Convincing her to come home with him where he can treat her like she deserves is another story. She fears for his safety, but Tegan doesn’t know Sultan has his own secrets. If Sultan has anything to say about it, her running days are over, and he’ll protect her from those looking to see her behind bars or worse.


The Hounds have never gone up against someone as powerful as Phil Bucco, but Sultan will risk it all for the female who can give him everything he’s ever dreamed of, and he can give her something she hasn’t had in years – hope.


Blades of Ice
Rebel Moon Shifters, Book 3
Available for Pre-order


She’s a Gargoyle shifter. Archivist for her Clan. A female drowning in guilt.

Reeling from a traumatic event, Lydia Stone needs space from her overbearing but well-meaning family. When the opportunity arises, she jumps at the chance to investigate a clandestine group hunting for shifters. Traveling to the wilds of Alaska is daunting, but Lydia is a well-trained Gargoyle. Taking a wrong turn sends her on a path that will change her life. Soon after arriving, she finds herself embroiled in a clan war that includes a type of shifter she didn’t know existed.


He’s a Polar Bear Shifter. Pilot for his family’s business. A male low on the totem pole.

Sawyer Beckett is used to being less than. In his pack, females are the leaders, and the males are good for few things. When his mother, Queen of their pack, goes missing, it’s Beck’s duty to find her. Before he can get to it, he meets a stunning female who claims he’s her fated mate. But she’s not a bear. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe he’ll be treated as an equal and not someone to merely do her bidding.


Lydia and Beck set out in the wilds of Alaska to track down the Queen, but things don’t go as planned, and Beck is abducted. Lydia must rely on both her Clan and a couple of new friends on her quest through snow and ice. Riddles and treachery abound, making it nearly impossible for Lydia to track down her mate. Will she find him before it’s too late?


The Gargoyles of The Stone Society


All books in The Stone Society are now available in 4 box sets for the discounted price of $9.99 each as well as in Kindle Unlimited.


Box Set 3

Box Set 4

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