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In this first-ever Stone Society compilation, you are treated to four stories in one. Revisit characters from past books who need their stories told. We also get to see what Rafael and Kaya are getting up to in Italy.


Ezekiel – Last we saw this half-blood, he was headed to Montana to see his brother Cyrus, the last remaining sibling who didn’t know the truth of their family. Zeke runs into his mate at the airport, and he’s torn between claiming her and getting to his brother. Find out what happens when Zeke confronts them both.

Remy – Thinking his mate and child are dead, Remy has been trying to move forward with his life. When his son, Rain, is rescued, part of Remy’s soul is healed. Finding out his mate’s brother is the traitor responsible for all Remy’s pain, he heads out to find the male and make him pay.

Gabriel  –  Once known as Vincent Alexander, Gabriel Montague had his life destroyed before he could claim his mate. Used for his DNA, Gabriel loses his humanity when he’s left for dead. Sitting in a cell in the New Atlanta Penitentiary atoning for his sins, Gabriel never expects to see the sunshine for more than a couple hours a day. He never expects to see his mate again. Gabriel’s story isn’t a happy one, because what’s a Gargoyle without their mate? Isabelle has other ideas for her brother, though.

Rafael – After the explosion that put Kaya in a coma, Rafael takes his mate, their son, and beloved housekeeper to their Italian villa. Rafe is tired, but he has a mate and son who need him. Will the peaceful countryside be enough to heal Kaya and recharge Rafael? Or will he decide to hand over the Clan to Frey for good?

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He's a Gryphon with a scarred heart. She’s a florist who’s being targeted. When their pasts collide, will either one survive?


Jude “Spyder” Sterling puts on a good front, but he uses humor to hide his pain. When he meets a cute female at Dominion, the BDSM club he frequents, Jude feels he’s found his mate. But someone is targeting his sweet florist, and it’s all he can do to keep her safe.


Charlotte Fanning has everything she ever dreamed of. When she meets a biker who’s into rope play, Charlotte realizes she could have even more. Before their first date, someone comes after Charlotte, and she finds Jude is so much more than tattoos and long hair. He’s a protector with a heart of gold and some scary-ass friends. And secrets. But he’s not the only one.


Charlotte is perfect for Jude. Or so he thought. When the past catches up to him, he can’t shake the feeling Charlotte’s presence at the club was no coincidence. As a Hound of Zeus, he took a vow to protect humans. But who’s going to protect him?


See Where It All Began...

He wants to claim his mate. She wants to catch a killer. Neither saw the other one coming…

Rafael Stone has served as King of the American Gargoyles for 200 years. With no females of his species to carry on the line, Rafael is resigned to rule alone.  That is, until the chief of police comes calling.

Kaya Kane, Police Chief for New Atlanta, has a mass murder to solve, and the illusive Rafael Stone is her prime suspect.  After meeting him, she doesn’t know if she wants to arrest him or sleep with him.

Bonding with humans has never happened. Until now. If Rafael can’t stop the real killer, his and Kaya’s city will never be safe.

Rafael is the first book in a post-apocalyptic  paranormal series full of action, adventure, and romance. If you like Bad Ass shifters and the mates who love them, you’ll love The Stone Society. Click the preview button at the left to get started.


The Gargoyles of The Stone Society

Books 1 - 4 in The Stone Society are now available in a box set for the discounted price of $9.99 as well as in Kindle Unlimited.