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Strands of Gold
Rebel Moon Shifters, Book 1
The exciting next generation series


He’s a gifted Gargoyle. A physician. A world-renowned artist.

Before he even knew what Gargoyles were, six-year-old half-blood Connor Di Pietro met his mate – a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl with a love for lizards. At the same time, Connor had his first premonition. His visions were the first of many gifts the gods would bestow upon him, but none were helpful in finding his mate. Connor has spent the last twenty-eight years filling his time becoming a doctor, a scientist, and one of the world’s most sought-after artists, while the computer experts in his Clan searched for the one who should be his world. When a premonition takes Connor to Charleston, South Carolina, he enlists the help of his private eye cousin, praying they can stop events before the vision becomes reality.


She’s a biologist. Heiress to an oil dynasty. Scared of her own shadow.


Alyssa Branson is a biologist working in her father's laboratory. She’s smart yet quirky, dancing to the beat of a heavy metal drum. Her life hasn’t been an easy one, and she spends most of her time at the lab or in the sanctuary of her home. A true romantic, she's waiting for the day the little boy she met in Greece when she was five rides back into her life in true fairy tale fashion. A brief glance across a crowded sidewalk has Alyssa abandoning the rules she set in place to keep her safe, and the handsome stranger turns out to be her Connor. Little does she know that he has more than one secret. 


 Alyssa’s latest project is related to Connor’s vision of three dead shifters, but she’s bound by a contract to keep the project under wraps. When a local wolf pack sets their sights on her, Alyssa must put her trust in the man who claims she is his fated mate. If that’s not fairy tale material, Alyssa will eat her beloved gecko.


The next generation is here. The kids from The Stone Society and The Hounds of Zeus MC series have grown up, and it’s their turn to protect humans while keeping their own existence hidden. And if they find their mates along the way? Even better. It isn’t necessary to have read the two original series, but you will find more of the characters’ back-stories there.


Clash of Kings
Rebel Moon Shifters, Book 2

He’s a Gargoyle King. A trusted friend.  A fierce warrior.

Sebastian Stone is ready to take his place as Gargoyle King. Like his father, Bas has the strength of their Clan behind him. The only thing missing in his life is his Queen. He encountered the she-wolf as a teen, but before they could meet, she ran off. Ten years later, Bas has resigned himself to living life as a solitary Gargoyle. Things are changing in the shifter world, and Bas has taken it upon himself to meet with other Alphas to keep their secret safe from humans.  Things are going well until he runs into a different kind of king – one who is determined to undermine Sebastian at every turn.


She’s a wolf shifter. A bartender. A romantic fool.

Dakota Young lives her life one day at a time, spurning the advances of her Alpha. He wants her as his Alpha Mate, but Dakota knows there’s someone else out there for her. Forces have kept her from the boy she encountered years before, but Dakota has romantic notions he’ll somehow find her. With each day that passes, it’s harder to stick to her guns and not fall prey to the demands of her pack.


Soon after Dakota makes a decision regarding her future, Fate brings that someone to their pack lands. When the claws come out, will either King still be standing?

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