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The Spyder's Web - Book 5



He's a Gryphon with a scarred heart. She’s a florist who’s being targeted. When their pasts collide, will either one survive?


Jude “Spyder” Sterling puts on a good front, but he uses humor to hide his pain. When he meets a cute female at Dominion, the BDSM club he frequents, Jude feels he’s found his mate. But someone is targeting his sweet florist, and it’s all he can do to keep her safe.


Charlotte Fanning has everything she ever dreamed of. When she meets a biker who’s into rope play, Charlotte realizes she could have even more. Before their first date, someone comes after Charlotte, and she finds Jude is so much more than tattoos and long hair. He’s a protector with a heart of gold and some scary-ass friends. And secrets. But he’s not the only one.


Charlotte is perfect for Jude. Or so he thought. When the past catches up to him, he can’t shake the feeling Charlotte’s presence at the club was no coincidence. As a Hound of Zeus, he took a vow to protect humans. But who’s going to protect him?

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