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Master of Kayos - Book 6


He’s a mercenary. A pain master. An unmated Gryphon. She’s a handler. A recluse. An unmated wolf.

Kyllian “Kayos” Lazlo is content being the last unmated brother. As a Master of pain at Dominion, the local kink club, he has his subs to turn to when he wants to scratch an itch. Along with other Hounds, he takes out the trash as a mercenary, so when his father requests he takes on a job as a bodyguard, Kayos isn’t happy. He isn’t a babysitter. But the client is none other than the Hounds’ handler and daughter of his father’s best friend. Kayos can’t say no.

Quinn Shepherd has lived the last eighteen years in solitude with only her father as a companion. She has secrets not even her dad is aware of. When rogue bikers come to town sniffing around, Trenton calls on the Hounds to watch over Quinn. Her secrets are brought to light, and Quinn’s world is turned upside down. She has to trust her inked, broody Gryphon bodyguard to put it to rights. But given her past, trust doesn’t come easy for Quinn.

Fated mates are a reality for wolves, but Quinn doesn’t agree with her Wolf when it demands they bare their neck to the alpha Gryphon guarding them. Kyllian trusts his beast, and it’s convinced Quinn is theirs. If only Kyllian can get past Quinn’s walls and prove she can trust him.

The Ripley Effect - Book 7

He’s a badass biker with a heart of gold. She’s a rebellious female with a voice of an angel.

Ripley "Ripper" Davidson left behind his suit and tie and the Florida coast for a life with the Hounds of Zeus MC in Upstate New York when his heart was shredded by the female he thought he’d spend his long life with. He's still an attorney, but Rip spends his time helping rescue people from the local cult. For twenty years, he has endured life with only his fellow Hounds for companionship. Ripley longs for a mate to call his own, but with how things ended the last time, he's hesitant to put himself out there again.


Glory Yearwood had big dreams of heading to Nashville after high school and making a new life for herself using her voice to do so. Two months before graduation, her father crushed those plans when he moved her family to a new town where they were entrenched in a secret community. For six years, she has endured life under the watchful eye of a hypocritical leader as well as a fanatical father. Glory longs of escaping back to the real world, but with armed guards surrounding the compound, all she can do is dream.

A chance encounter puts the two of them together, but more than one force is scheming to keep them apart. Ripley’s Gryphon is sure Glory is their mate, but can Ripley trust another female with his heart? Can Glory trust a stranger to keep her safe from those trying desperately to return her to her former life?

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